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Friday December 09 2016 

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Island Heritage Predators, HSM Vipers win championship
Sep 29, 2016, 9:25 am
The Island Heritage Predators celebrate their win.

The FLOW 2016 Cayman Islands Flag Football Premier League ended the season on Saturday at Ed Bush playfield, with HSM Vipers taking the women’s crown and Island Heritage Predators winning the men’s league.

The first game of the day was between HSM Vipers and Maples Lynx.

Both teams prevented the other from scoring for the majority of the game; however, HSM Vipers QB Lisa Malice found Stephanie Watler and Alicia Dixon in the end zone for touchdowns and Carly Dignam kicked for an extra point conversion putting HSM in the lead. Camille Solomon of Maples Lynx received a touchdown in the final seconds of the game.

The game ended with a score of 13-8 in HSM Vipers’ favor, making them the FLOW 2016 Cayman Islands Flag Football Women’s League Champions.

HSM Vipers was formed two years ago with experienced players such as Alicia Dixon, Dionne Whittaker, Glenita Logan and Sheyla Torres, and coached by Brendon Malice. Coach Malice described the team as family, saying that the players have their differences because of personality clashes but always figure out how to work together for the betterment of the team.


Since the formation of HSM Vipers, they have become the team to beat. However, they were outwitted in the semifinals last year. Coach Malice said that last year was a tough year for the team as they went from being undefeated in regular season to being knocked out of the semifinals after five overtimes.

“It was the toughest loss I’ve faced as a woman’s coach,” he said. He described this year’s final as a “revenge game,” which the players were determined to win from the very first snap of the ball.

Lisa Malice’s great pre-snap reads allowed her to find open receivers which allowed the offense to move the ball down the field.

Brendon Malice said the team dominated the league this year again because he used his players. The team acquired Maggie Ebanks, whom the coach described as “one of the best players in the league,” whose toughness and leadership helped the team develop a more two-dimensional offense.

He also used speed players like Shenel Gall and Jen Choice and powerhouses like Schmarrah McCarthy and Jo Ziegler.

Malice said that he has had the privilege of teaching the game that he loves to many great women, who have had success both internationally and locally. He said it feels “nice to retire with an international and national league championship title.” This is his third and final women’s league championship.

The HSM Vipers won the women's flag football league.The HSM Vipers won the women’s flag football league.

Island Heritage Predators vs. Kensington Hellcats

The last game of the day was crowd favorite Island Heritage Predators versus Kensington Hellcats.

On Saturday, the Predators were determined to take the title from the very first possession of the ball. QB Jordan Stubblefield threw his signature long ball down the field to receiver Cueme Parker on the second down of the play for a touchdown and Roy Forbes kicked for an extra point.

The Predators struggled to score more points because of strong Hellcats defense from players like William Peguero, who received multiple interceptions. On offense, the Hellcats were unable to score because of the Predators’ tight defense.

The game ended with a 7-0 score in Predators’ favor, making them the FLOW 2016 Cayman Islands Flag Football Men’s League Champions.

The Island Heritage Predators, coached by Clayton Lopez, was formed three years ago with a mixture of experienced and inexperienced players. They became a crowd favorite as they showed unity on and off the field.

The Predators have a mixture of speed and strength and Lopez made sure to use his personnel every time they stepped on the field. Jordan Stubblefield said it was challenging to get everyone to buy into Coach Lopez’s system and to not only depend on a few select players.

He said the Predators made a lot of changes coming into the season this year. The team chemistry was at its best, he said, and they practiced very hard and put in a lot of time reviewing plays, watching films and teaching the younger players how to play.

He said their win was “no fluke” as Lopez is a very organized and detailed coach and expects nothing but the best from his players. Stubblefield added that the team scored 231 points in 14 games, with only 52 points scored against them.

He said the team has gelled to become as close as a family. For example, during Saturday’s final, one of the players, Josh Parsons, got injured and was taken to hospital. Instead of the team going to celebrate their first championship win, they were in the waiting area of the hospital.

Stubblefield said, “They could have just as easily been out celebrating but instead they came to check on him; that is family.” He said it feels amazing to have finally won the championship after many years.

Awards day

Next up for flag football is an awards and family fun day, hosted by the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association Adult and Youth Leagues at 2-5 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 1 at the Field of Dreams.

Teams play for a spot in finals
Sep 23, 2016, 8:53 am

The FLOW 2016 Cayman Islands Flag Football Premier League semifinals ended with two women and two men teams making it into the finals which is on Saturday September 24, 2016 at Ed Bush playfield.


On Saturday September 17 at Ed Bush Playfield eight teams put their best efforts into playing for the coveted finals spot. Kensignton Hellcats who has been a team for the past 15/16 years was one of the 8 teams playing for a spot in the finals. They played Burger King Panthers and they came out the victors of the game. Perry Levy from Hellcats stated that the team did not play “consistent football this season” however, their strategy for the finals is to “play hellcat football” so that they can come out with the championship title. Levy informed that new players to the team added fresh perspectives to the team approach like veterans William Pegeuro and Neville Morgan who was “instrumental in keeping the team energized with their commitment on and off the field.

Levy stated that because of continued success over the years the team can become complacent at times which contributed to the struggle this year. He commended the other teams for their continued improvement throughout the league.

Kensignton Hellcats is very familiar with playing in the finals as they have won numerous championship titles. After the team made a stance for what they felt was needed they forfeited the finals last year levy stated they are a team off and on the field and they are just ready to reclaim the championship title.

Going into the game with Burger King Panthers, Hellcats had a set goal and a purpose which was getting a spot in the finals. Panthers’ offense was no match for Hellcats defense which caused Panthers to struggle to complete plays on offense. Panthers also struggled on defense which gave Hellcats the advantage. Hellcats knocked the reigning champions out of the finals ending the game with a score of 14-7.  

The first woman’s game of the day was between HSM Vipers and Anytime Fitness Wolverines. Both teams struggled to make complete passes on offense but both teams played a very good defensive game. The very tight and close game went into overtime where HSM Vipers came out the winners knocking the reigning champions out of the finals. The game ended in a 9-6 score. 

The other men’s game of the day was a rematch between Island Heritage Predators and Maples. Both teams tried their utmost best to stop the other the team from scoring; however, Predators was victorious and secured their spot in the finals. The game ended in a 17-6 score in IH Predators favor.

The day ended with another close and tight game which was between Guinness Lady Sharks vs Maples Lynx. Both teams completed passes on offense and held the opposing team from scoring; however, Maples Lynx ended the game with one touchdown. The score was 6-0 in favor of Maples Lynx.



The finals schedule is as follows;

HSM Vipers vs Maples Lynx 3:00pm

Island Heritage Predators vs Kensington Hellcats 4:30pm




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