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Sunday July 24 2016 

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Kensington Hellcats beats Burger King Panthers
Jul 22, 2016, 9:12 am


The FLOW 2016 Cayman Islands Flag Football Premier League completed its Week 4 games this past weekend. On Saturday July 16, at the Ed Bush playfield Kensington Hellcats was determined to take advantage of Burger King Panthers’ weakness as Panthers key players QB Glen Duran and Brendon Malice was not available to play.

Ed Pellot-Rosa Panther’s back up QB tried to his best to find receivers such as Jon Pump but failed to complete passes throughout the game; however, Pellot-Rosa was able to throw one touchdown but did not get the extra point conversion. Kensington Hellcats offense and defense played with determination to win and they did just that. Hellcats defense intercepted a few balls thrown by Ed Pellot-Rosa and rusher got sacks. QB  Jacob “Frecko” Ebanks utilized his main players such as Perry Levy and they managed to obtain two touchdowns and two conversions which ended the game with a score of 14-6 in favor of Hellcats.

Both Maples and Island Heritage Predators teams had one goal in mind which was to win. Maples wanted to keep the winning streak alive by winning four games in a row showing why they are currently in the lead. Island Heritage Predators was determined to break Maples winning streak which is what they accomplished. Maples known for their speed and height on offense tried to out run Predators defenders but they found it difficult against defenders such as rookie Trevor Coleman who made multiple defensive plays. On offense IH predators Avery Ebanks and Cueme Parker received one touchdown each but the team did not make the conversions. When Maples received the ball for offense QB Christopher LeBeau threw an interception caught by Avery Ebanks which he returned for a touchdown. The game ended with a score of 18-0 in IH Predators favor.

During the Monday Night Lights segment, spectators gathered at the Annex to watch Guinness Lady Sharks vs Anytime Fitness Wolverines and Maples Knights vs PWC games. Even though PWC is a new team to the league with many rookie players they have shown game after game that they are determined to make a name of themselves. PWC played a good game against Maples Knight and they managed to put scores on the board from receiving one interception returned for a touchdown on defense and on offense receiving a touchdown and two extra point conversions. Maples Knights played a very good offensive game as the game ended in a win for them with a score of 32-14.  The night ended with the women game Guinness Lady Sharks vs Anytime Fitness Wolverines. Both teams rotated the QB role between Bobeth O’garro and Anna Nyaundi of Guinness Lady Sharks and Keisha Solomon and Antoinette Thompson-Lewis of Anytime Fitness Wolverines. On offense both teams was finding it difficult to find receivers which resulted in either sacks or drop balls. The game went into overtime and ended with a 0-0 score.

In light of the funeral for Michael “Mikey” Gourzong on Saturday July 23 majority of the games was cancelled for Week 5 of the 2016 FLOW Cayman Islands Flag Football Premier League except for Maples Lynx vs IMS Killa Bzz which will start at 4:30pm. Games will commence on Monday July 25 at the Annex playfield starting at 6pm.  

Anna Nyaundi of Guinness Lady Sharks   

Island Heritage Predators tame Kensington Hellcats
Jul 19, 2016, 10:04 am
Avery Ebanks is one of the Predators strongest defenders.

In Week 3 of the Flow 2016 Cayman Islands Flag Football Premier League, the Island Heritage Predators and the Kensington Hellcats met at the Annex on July 11.

Predators QB Jordan Stubblefield completed the majority of his passes, though the Hellcats are known in the league for their defense. Kaleb Ebanks stood out as a receiver for the Predators, catching a number of long passes and scoring two of the team’s touchdowns.

Renford Barnes, Hellcats safety, was seen numerous times attempting to fire up his teammates.

Tito Solomon is a force for the Hellcats defense.
Tito Solomon is a force for the Hellcats defense.

Not only were the Predators effective offensively, however, they were also strong on defense. Baron Solomon led the way, kept the Predators motivated and made some interceptions. Jacob “Frecko” Ebanks, Hellcats QB, did his best to avoid the rush from Predators players including Michael Swaby. However, he was plagued by his receivers dropping a number of balls that would have changed the pace of the game.

Unfortunately, the Hellcats were hampered by the absence of Tito Solomon, who got hurt early and had to leave the game with the assistance of emergency medical services.

Ike Bush controls the tempo from the Hellcats defensive line.
Ike Bush controls the tempo from the Hellcats defensive line.

Organizers noted that it was great to see, during and after the game, the way the two teams came together in support of an injured player.

“We all take the field and play against each other, but in the end we are all the players of the same league,” Men’s League Vice President Shawn Pitterson noted as he praised the actions of both teams.

Last week’s scores for other teams were: HSM Vipers vs. IMS Killa Bzzz 7-6, Maples Lynx vs. Guinness Lady Sharks 0-7, Anytime Fitness Wolverines vs. Maples Lynx 7-12, Burger King Panthers vs. Maples Knights 16-16, and PwC vs. Maples 0-26.



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